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Why Choose Ozzy Academy?

Where we believe in the power of education to transform lives.

Why Choose Ozzy Academy
  • Learn through Fun and Activities: Engaging sessions that make education enjoyable and memorable.
  • Small Class Sizes: Each class contains no more than 12 students, ensuring personalized attention.
  • Diversified Learning Environment: Students join from various countries, enriching the learning experience with diverse perspectives.
  • Continuous Updates and Training for Instructors: Only the most qualified and continually educated instructors teach our classes.
  • Focused Attention: Each student receives detailed progress reports, ensuring tailored support.
About Ozzy Academy

Special Care For Your Children

Welcome to Ozzy Academy, where we believe in the power of education to transform lives. Our unique approach to learning English combines the renowned CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) methodology with fun, interactive activities designed to engage and inspire every child.

At Ozzy Academy, we don't just teach English; we provide a rich, immersive experience that helps students develop a deep understanding of the language while simultaneously gaining valuable life skills and knowledge about the world. 

English online courses

Special Summer Offer !

Get our English online courses for kids and adults at $99 per trimester! This limited offer is for the first 100 subscribers only. Enjoy fun, engaging lessons and boost your English skills. Don’t miss out!

Subscription Plans & Pricing

Unlock a world of opportunities
for your child

Trimestrial plan

$159 $99/trimester
  • 2 English sessions per week (1h15 each).
  • 24 Sessions in total.

Semestrial plan

$280 $180/semester
  • 2 English sessions per week (1h15 each).
  • 48 Sessions in total.

Course Schedule

At OZZY Academy, we offer various time slots for your children to attend our English courses throughout the week. Below is the schedule indicating the available periods:

Day Time Slots
Afternoon, Evening
Afternoon, Evening
Afternoon, Evening
Afternoon, Evening
Morning, Afternoon, Evening
Morning, Afternoon, Evening
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We don't just teach; we build futures, strengthen family bonds, and equip every individual with the essential life tools.

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